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We're EH3-Milers, an Edinburgh-based running (and drinking) group.
We only take one of these things seriously, and it's not running.

The EH3-Miler

A crowd of runners at the EH3-Miler event

At long last, we’re back holding our regular Wednesday evening run - and now in an entirely new home! We’ve also made some important changes...

Every Wednesday evening we hold the EH3-Miler, a social and non-competitive run that culminates with a drink and a blether.

Currently our run begins and ends at The Place, Raeburn Place, Stockbridge (next door to the Co-op). We meet out front from 18:30 for an 18:45 start, and post-run end back where we began for a bit of socialising and a swally on the outdoor terrace.

After a few seasons of multiple distances, we’ve now gone back to basics with just one running route; the three-mile classic, taking in Inverleith Park and Stockbridge. This can be ran at any pace including a run/walk and you won't be alone however you choose to make your way around. We recommend you view the route here or below, but we always set off as a group and there'll be someone to stick with who'll show you the way.

Finally, while we’re all delighted to be back, we’re going to continue with social distancing and outdoor drinks for a while longer. Please take extra care to give space and be courteous to all other people in the park or on the route. The outdoor terrace at The Place is well covered from the elements but will get chilly as we head towards winter so remember those layers - we have a space in the bar to leave them during the run, dry and warm for after. If you're still feeling anxious about meeting in larger groups, it may be best to wait it out a little longer.

Below are links to more helpful information, and you're welcome to message us on Facebook or Instagram with other questions. Otherwise, see you Wednesday!

N.B. We're not an official running club, so participation in any of our events is at your own risk. Be sure to only take on what you're comfortable with and, if in doubt, consult a medical professional.

The Route

Runners in Inverleith Park at sunset

We have have gone back to having one official distance for the Wednesday night social runs; a three-miler.

We recommend taking a look at the route map here before your first time, but we'll also have run guides available each week to show the way.

Everyone is encouraged to run at their own pace - whether that's blasting through Inverleith Park or meandering through Stockbridge. The route only has a couple of road crossings, but be sure to take care on these.

If you’re new to running or recently returning from some time out, a run/walk is a great way to hit the distance. There’s also a shortcut or two available if struggling, but regardless, you won't be left alone at the back. Some choose to test their speed from time-to-time, but the event is very much non-competitive and open to all abilities.

Other Events & Group Chats

A group of EH3-Milers hiking in the Pentland Hills

As well as the EH3-Miler, we host several other events including:
EH3-Early - a semi-regular Sunday morning run on a fresh course each time, taking in the best North Edinburgh has to offer with an hour (or so) of easy running followed by coffee and brunchEH3-BrewRuns - a series of cross-country social runs to the finest breweries in the areaAnd other, one-off big days out featuring little (if any) running
Details and signup for all of these can be found on our Eventbrite page.

Beyond this, we have an active group of core members out regularly running for coffee, cake and beer. The Facebook group and Messenger chats are there for everyone to post and share their plans.

Facebook events: entered into a race? Add an event to see who else is going, may be keen to car-share, or grab a beer to celebrate with after.
EH3-Extra group chat: fancy a run to a new bar, or a Saturday coffee run? Join this group to form plans, or join in on some.
EH3-Socials group chat: planning Friday night drinks? Post it here and find out why everyone really joined EH3-Milers.

Join the Facebook group here, and send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram if you’d like added in to the group chats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What pace do you run?
A: The EH3-Miler does not have a set pace - some will run quicker than others while some will be building up to the distance with a walk/run round the course. You will not be alone and will not be left behind.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Whatever clothing and footwear you're comfortable running in, a mask to enter the bar and some form of (ideally contactless) payment if you're sticking around for a drink afterwards.

Q: Is there somewhere to leave personal items?
A: An area will be arranged within the bar for additional layers of clothing to be left, however they don’t take responsibility for items left so best not to leave anything valuable.

Q: What about restrictions?
A: In line with current restrictions attendence of events is now allowed. We have taken additional measures to keep everyone safe - we meet outdoors, distancing is encouraged and the drinks will be on the spacious outdoor terrace.

Q: Are there any costs?
A: Nope. Every EH3-Milers event is completely free of charge, and always will be (though you're welcome to buy EH3-Milers kit here if you want to look even more amazing).

Q: Do I need to come every week?
A: Nope, only as often as you can manage. Some of our members come regularly, others every few months.

Q: Do you hold other runs through the week?
A: Extra runs or other outings are usually arranged on our Facebook page or group chats.

Q: What if I don't know anyone?
A: That's to be expected, but we're a really friendly and welcoming group, and we'll make sure to pair you up with a run leader who will show you the course until you're comfortable with it. If you're still not sure, get in contact and we'll give you someone specific to ask for when you arrive.

Q: Is it easy to get to know people?
A: It may take a long time before you meet everyone, and no one expects you to memorise every name straight away - we were all new once! As with any relationship you’ll get out what you put in, but just take it one conversation at a time. We always love meeting new people - that’s why we joined!

Q: Do I have to follow the route?
A: If you want to go rogue and do your own thing, feel free - but if you find any good routes, be sure to tell us about them!

Q: What if I get lost on the route?
A: That's no trouble, just make your way back to the start, chat to us after and we can make sure someone shows you the way next time.

Q: Do I have to stay for a drink afterwards?
A: It's encouraged, but not essential. Likewise, if you only want to come for the drink and not the run, that's totally fine too.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Get in touch with us through social media - we’re here to help!

Buy EH3-Milers Kit

A crowd of people wearing EH3-Milers t-shirts

The tees you see some of us wearing? One could soon be yours!

We offer both short-sleeved tees and long-sleeved, hooded tops. Both are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your personal preference.

Short-sleeved tees are available for £15 and long-sleeved, hooded tops for £25. See the colours and sizes here, and once you've found your favourite, use the form below to register your interest. We only ask for payment and place the order when there's enough interest.

The best part? Every EH3-Milers event is completely free of charge, with no membership fees or paperwork to worry about. However, there are small costs to keep the club running - from hosting this website, to promoting the group to new members - and any profit from the sale of t-shirts goes towards these.

So not only will you look pretty sweet in your new running threads, you're helping to support EH3-Milers, too.